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Player Information
*Name/Alias: Either Susan or Tanks is fine. :3
*Your Journal: N/A
*Age: 31
*Contact Information: Plurk: tanks4thememory (Plurk is probly the best way to get in touch with me.)
PMs on this account are also quite acceptable. :)
*Characters already in the game: N/A

Character Information
*Character Name: Axel (AKA: Organization XIII Number VIII, The Flurry of Dancing Flames)
*Character Canon: Kingdom Hearts (As Axel: CoM, II, 358/2 Days. As Lea: Birth By Sleep, Dream Drop Distance)
*Age: 25
*Race: Nobody (Lea was/is human, though)
*Timeline/Pull Point: Axel will be pulled from the point of his 'death' near the end of KH II.

*History: Everything you always wanted to know about Axel, but were afraid to ask.

*Personality: Axel has a tendency to act laid-back and sarcastic, but in reality... well, he still laid-back and sarcastic. But he generally knows and understands a great deal more than he lets on. He'll act friendly enough with most people unless they actively antagonize him, but earning his actual friendship is somewhat more difficult. Those who do manage to earn his friendship, however, will have a staunch- if rather vicious- defender. Whether they like it or not. Meanwhile, those who wind up too much on his bad side... well, let's just say that Axel controlled the Assassin Nobodies for a reason.

Being a Nobody, Axel was born with no natural heart; no ability to actually feel emotions and form meaningful connections with people, and thus draws most of his emotions from memories of his time as a human. Though thanks to his connection to his friends, Roxas and Xion, and Roxas' Other, Sora, Axel has begun to develop a heart of his own, though he has yet to realize this, attributing the faint flickers of actual emotion to the presence of his friend Roxas, or simply his mind playing tricks on him.

Though he started out being as amoral and apathetic as most other Nobodies- he was downright sociopathic in his first appearance, in fact-, a whole lot of character development over the course of several games has brought brought him to the point of being something of an anti-hero by the point from which he'll be taken. While still a viscous fighter, there's a definite moral center there now. He likely won't feel compelled to help every person in need that he sees, but he is becoming a half-decent person again as his heart develops.

While he retains his skill at manipulating others when needed, he's less inclined to do this now. His friends, especially are exempt from this, and Axel has difficulty lying to them, often averting his eyes or trying to change the subject while doing so. He has also developed a severe dislike for being used as a tool, or seeing other people used as such, for reasons he can't entirely remember...

*Powers/Abilities: Axel wields a pair of giant chakrams called the Eternal Flames, which he can summon or dismiss at will. He is highly skilled in their use, having been shown to be able to make them do a number of physics-defying tricks, implying that they're under the control of his will, as much as his hands. He also has control of an array of fire-based magic, including, but not limited to: immunity to damage by fire (in fact, certain types of fire magic actually heal him), setting objects (or people, as Vexen found out) on fire at a distance, generating and throwing fireballs or streams of fire of various sizes and intensities, causing localized magical explosions that can be altered to not damage allies (this seems to be very hazardous and/or draining to Axel, however, and is generally used only as a last-ditch effort as a result), wreathing his chakrams in flames and throwing them at opponents, and surrounding himself and/or any opponent/opponents with a large circle of fire.

Axel can also teleport through use of Corridors of Darkness, so long as he has a pretty good idea where he's going, and is capable of taking relatively human sized people with him, if he wishes, so long as they're touching him. Whether he has enough power to transport Cybertronians or other much more massive beings this way is unknown. Under normal circumstances, he could also travel between worlds this way, but that particular ability will be nullified in game, for obvious reasons. His Black Coat also offers protection from the negative effects of Darkness, and makes its wearer more difficult to track by magic.

On the weaknesses side, Axel can't swim, and thus will tend to avoid getting too close to large bodies of water. Large quantities of water, ice, or extreme cold can also weaken his fire-based powers to a degree, and he is vulnerable to water-elemental magics.

*Inventory: -1 Organization XIII uniform: Black Coat (detailed above), black pants, black boots, black gloves, black undershirt, black socks
-1 pair of chakrams (the Eternal Flames, also detailed above)
-1 ice cream stick with the word 'WINNER' and a little crown printed on it
-1 Potion (heals mild/moderate injuries, restores a bit of energy, enough for one dose for one humanoid or similar-sized person)
-A handful of munny, KH-verse currency. (Depicted as gold and blue orbs in the games, but will be gold and blue coins for practical purposes.)
*Starting Polarity: It's... sort of a toss-up between Megatronus and Nexus, I think. Axel's always been somewhat hard to put in a specific box, so I'll leave it up to you guys to try and figure out where he goes. X3

If AU, how does your character differ from canon?: N/A

Writing Samples

*First Person Sample: [Hey there, Haven. Have an unfamiliar face bearing two small, purple, reverse-teardrop-shaped markings on it and framed by very spiky red hair.]

...There, think that's got it. Anyway, hey there. The name's Axel. Got it memorized?

Was just wondering... is there any place around here where a guy could get an actual human-sized bed? Or just a mattress? Or even just a sleeping bag or a hammock or something? Cause you know, nice as it is to get a free room, giant metal beds that I can't actually reach without teleporting or climbing really aren't my thing.

*Third Person Sample: Axel stared up at what was locally known as the Junk Pile, and decided that it was well named. Looking at it, he got the impression that, given enough time and effort, he could find anything known in the universe- and several things unknown- amidst the various flotsam and jetsam. Some of the things were familiar- an old tire there, a battered and cracked claw-foot bathtub a bit further up-, while others were so battered or just so alien that he couldn't identify them.

Whatever, though. He wasn't here to play 'guess the whosey-what', he was there to find some furniture that was actually the proper scale. Especially something to sleep on; conking out on a cold, hard metal floor wasn't exactly an enticing prospect. Hell, even just a few old blankets would better than nothing.

With a sigh, he stepped forward and began digging through the nearest mound of junk. This could take awhile.

Final Notes: Got it memorized? ;)


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