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Name: Axel
From: Kingdom Hearts
Age:  25
Gender: Male
Personality: Axel has a tendency to act laid-back and sarcastic, but in reality... well, he still laid-back and sarcastic. But he generally knows and understands a great deal more than he lets on. He'll act friendly enough with most people unless they actively antagonize him, but earning his actual friendship is a difficult task. Those who do manage to earn his friendship, however, will have a staunch- if rather vicious- defender. Whether they like it or not. Meanwhile, those who wind up on his bad side... well, let's just say that Axel controlled the Assassin Nobodies for a reason.

Being a Nobody, Axel has no natural heart; no ability to actually feel emotions and form meaningful connections with people, and thus draw most of his emotions from memories of his time as a human. Though thanks to his connection to his friend Roxas and by extension, Roxas' Other, Sora, Axel has begun to develop a heart of his own, though he has yet to realize this, attributing the faint flickers of actual emotion to the presence of his friend Roxas, or simply his mind playing tricks on him. Whether he eventually figures it out remains to be seen.

Backstory: Everything you always wanted to know about Axel. 
Moral Standing: Axel started out being as amoral and apathetic as any other member of the Organization, but a great deal of character development over the course of several games will have landed him tentatively on the side of good by the time he will be pulled from to land in Ink City. This does not, however, mean that he is nice. Axel is a vicious fighter and is not afraid to maim, kill, burninate, lie, betray, or kidnap anyone that requires it in order to accomplish his goals.

The sole exceptions to this are his friends. Axel is deeply protective of his friends, though that protection often has more to do with Axel himself and what he thinks is best for his friend than the friend's own desires. He is beginning to become aware of this and attempting to change it, with... limited success. He has difficulty lying to his friends, and will often avoid eye contact or try to change the subject if such becomes necessary.

Definitely an anti-hero, at best, though he does have a sense of morality that can be appealed to. He has a bit of a soft spot for children, especially those who remind him of Roxas or Xion (though he can't actually remember the latter, currently; it's really complicated, and may change if she ever shows up in Ink City.) He also dislikes seeing people treated as pawns or disposable puppets by others, for reasons he can't quite remember...

Dreams: To get his heart back, to See his friend(s) Roxas (and Xion) again, to take them to the beach to eat sea-salt ice cream and hang out, just generally ro have a good, fairly normal life one he's got his heart back
Fears: Losing his friends, fading away, being forgotten, bodies of water larger than your average bathtub (he can't swim, plus, well, fire-user, ya know?)
Extra: Axel will be arriving directly from the point of his 'death' at the end of Kingdom Hearts II.
Character Location: The Castle That Never Was. Aside from all the areas listed in the article, one can assume that the castle also has bathrooms (most likely attached to the bedrooms), a kitchen, a dining area, and general storage areas/broom closets/what have you. These can be handwaved in as needed. Also, the area known as 'Where Nothing Gathers' or just 'The Round Room' has no windows or doors and cannot be accessed except by teleportation.

Only the force-fieldish energy bridge leading up to Nothing's Call actually touches the ground. The rest of the castle will be hovering about 50 feet above whatever plot of land it gets placed on. (I'm hoping for 80, but I don't know if I get to pick, or not. If not, it's no big deal.) 

Samples:  Some of Axel's Cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts II , Axel's boss fight from Kigndom Hearts II  
Writing Sample: Axel sat on the edge of the Alter of Naught, the highest point in the castle, his legs dangling over the edge as he gazed westward, watching the sunset. This was definitely one of the weirdest worlds he'd ever been to, and that was saying something. Only Wonderland topped this place for sheer strangeness, in Axel's opinion, though at least the company around here was generally (somewhat) sane. Not that he had room to talk about sanity, really; after nearly 12 years without a heart, he suspected that he himself could probably use a checkup rom the neck up as well. 

"Well, at least it's not Atlantica," he muttered to no one in particular. If there was one world he hated, it was Atlantica. There was nothing especially wrong with the world in and of itself; it was the underwater aspect of things that Axel couldn't stand. True, his Black Coat's magic turned him into a merman for the duration of his stay, so there was no worry about drowning, but it was still... underwater. Both Siax and the Superior seemed to have caught on to his dislike of the world, and only ever sent him there when he'd done something to get on their bad sides.

This Ink City place, though, was different. He'd never been on a world that no one could leave before. Even his old home of Radiant Garden had ways off it, though he hadn't known about them when he'd lived there as a kid. Whatever the case, though, he could tell that his stay here was definitely going to be interesting...


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