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Hey Roxas,

Guess what? These datapads have a journal function. Who knew, right? Would rather have a pen and paper one, but this'll do.

Don't know why I'm writing it as letters to you.  It's not like I've got any way to send them. Or anyone to send them *to* now that you're part of Sora again. Or even any intention of letting anyone else read them. But I am.

Anyway... I lost the WINNER ice cream stick you gave me. Sorry. Couldn't really help it; it was in my coat pocket, and some guy named Darth Revan decided to kidnap me sans clothes. Apparently, he does this alot. Guy really needs to get a new hobby.

He plunked me down on a world called Coruscant. Seems that's where he drops everyone he grabs. Not a bad world, all in all, from what little I've seen. Not as nice as Twilight Town, though. It's alot closer to The World That Never Was; all buildings, no plants. Least it's got a sun, though.

Speaking of which, I talked to a vampire recently who was all thrilled because apparently Coruscant's sun doesn't burn him. And by 'thrilled', I mean acting like he was a little high on something. Kinda reminds me of how we were after that time in Neverland that we flew, actually. Especially you.

Sould probably mention my new neighbors while I'm at this. One of them is a humanoid computer program. I'm totally not making this up. His name is Tron, and he's got glowy lines all over his body. Weird, huh? I mean none of the people in the fake Twilight Town were like that. The other two are named Kevin Flynn and Rachel. They're presumably human, but I haven't met either of them yet.

Also, my powers don't seem to work here. Found that out when I tried to open a Dark Corridor out of here, as the locals don't seem to be very friendly towards 'Revanites', as they're calling those of us that  that Revan guy grabbed. That's right, no fire, no chakrams, no anything. 

So, yeah. Back to being a Nobody with almost nothing, just like I was when I started out. Hooray...

Oh, and there's this registration thing I heard were supposed to fill out. Need to try and find a copy of that.

Anyway, that's about all, til I get a chance to write again.


(OOC: Organization XIII members kept diaries in canon, so I figured I'd continue the tradition. X3 This has to do with the Counted_Stars RP, but for RP purposes, no one will know about these entries unless Axel shows them some how. Mainly it's a way to get extra thoughts and character from Axel out that might not come up in regular RP. Counted_Stars people, feel free to read them, or not, as you see fit. :3)


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