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OOC Information

NAME: Susan/Tanks

AGE: 31


IC Information


AGE: 25

CANON: Kingdom Hearts

CANON POINT: Axel will be coming in from the point of his 'death' near the end of Kingdom Hearts II.

FAMILY TYPES: Dark Area- Axel, like all Nobodies, is closer to the dark than the light and is normally able to use it to a degree to create Dark Corridors for travel. Also, in the less literal sense, he has spent most of the past decade or so being a Not Very Nice Person, is well aware of this, and is trying to change it somewhat.
Dragons Roar- Axel is rather hotheaded and normally specializes in fire magic. While not exactly the heroic type, he's prone to making foolish and sometimes rash decisions where the safety of his friends is concerned.
Metal Empire- For all his firey nature, Axel is still a Nobody. While he is gradually developing a heart, he's still not the kind to empathize that much, and tends to be extremely pragmatic with regards to anyone who isn't his friend.

APPEARANCE: Axel is a little over 6' tall, and looks thin and lanky, though he's still quite athletic. He has sharp green eyes and spikey red hair with a widow's peak. He has rather small eyebrows and has a pair of small, reverse-teardrop shaped purple markings on his face, one on each cheekbone.

PERSONALITY: Axel has a tendency to act laid-back and sarcastic, but in reality... well, he's still laid-back and sarcastic. But he generally knows and understands a great deal more than he lets on. He'll act friendly enough with most people unless they actively antagonize him, but earning his actual friendship is somewhat more difficult. Those who do manage to earn his friendship, however, will have a staunch- if rather vicious- defender. Meanwhile, those who wind up too much on his bad side... well, let's just say that Axel controlled the Assassin Nobodies for a reason.

Being a Nobody, Axel was born with no natural heart; no ability to actually feel emotions and form meaningful connections with people, and thus draws most of his emotions from memories of his time as a human. Though thanks to his connection to his friends, Roxas and Xion, and Roxas' Other, Sora, Axel has begun to develop a heart of his own, though he has yet to realize this, attributing the faint flickers of actual emotion to the presence of his friend Roxas, or simply his mind playing tricks on him.

Though he started out being as amoral and apathetic as most other Nobodies- he was downright sociopathic in his first appearance, in fact-, a whole lot of character development over the course of several games has brought brought him to the point of being something of an anti-hero by the point from which he'll be taken. While still a viscous fighter, there's a definite moral center there now. He likely won't feel compelled to help every person in need that he sees, but he is becoming a half-decent person again as his heart develops.

While he retains his skill at manipulating others when needed, he's less inclined to do this now. His friends, especially are exempt from this, and Axel has difficulty lying to them, often averting his eyes or trying to change the subject while doing so. He has also developed a severe dislike for being used as a tool, or seeing other people used as such, for reasons he can't entirely remember...

Axel was born in Radiant Garden, and spent the first 14 years of his life there as his human self, Lea. Even then he was combative, but in a much more playful way than his Nobody would one day be. He was also something of a wise guy, something of a slacker when it came to things that didn't interest him, and tended to have delusions of grandeur, but was basically a good kid.

Isa, his best friend at the time, never missed an opportunity to deflate Lea's delusions, and was much more sarcastic, though the two shared both a goal of becoming castle guards and a knack for getting into trouble. This knack for trouble often had them sneaking into the castle, a practice which would later come back to haunt them in a major way.

One night, with Heartless attacks and people disappearing became more and more common, and no one having heard from their king, Ansem the Wise, in some time, the two boys took it upon themselves to find out what was what and snuck into the castle one last time, thinking to make heroes of themselves. They found more than they'd ever bargained for, and before they could escape and warn the populace of Radiant Garden, the two boys were captured by the original six Organization members and had their hearts taken. ((Full headcanoned scene is ficced out here, for those who are interested or just like tearjerkers/nightmare fuel.))

They were never expected to survive the process in any form, but that night, Siax and Axel were born. As Nobodies with nothing, and no longer able to feel anger, fear, or anything else, they joined the Organization as its seventh and eighth members in hopes of finding away of getting their hearts back. Though of course, they didn't trust any of the other members as far as they could throw the castle.

So Siax hatched a plan, and Axel, at that point still reeling from the loss of his heart and the fact that it had been his plan that had resulted in their capture and thus their current situation, agreed to it without question. It would take something big to make Axel trust in his own plans again.

For over a decade, Axel followed Siax's long-game plan. Siax would get himself into the good graces of Xemnas, the Organization's leader, rise in rank and make himself indispensable. Meanwhile Axel, though arguably the better fighter of the two, remained in the background, quietly making certain that nothing and no one got in Siax's way. 

New members were added to the Organization during that time, eventually bringing the number up to 14. Though it was numbers XIII and XIV who would come to have the greatest influence on Axel, all played a role in his life during that time.

Number I, Xemnas, was Axel's boss, the leader of the Organization. Axel was wary of him, and with good reason, considering he and Siax were plotting to overthrow him and usurp control. Axel had many suspicions about him, but very few hard facts. He knew that he was extremely powerful, though, and thus tended to keep out of his way while maintaining the facade of being the Organization's loyal assassin.

Number II, Xigbar, Axel always regarded as something of an asshole. Again, this was with good reason, as Xigbar enjoyed trolling others with hints of knowledge of Xemnas' real plans without actually telling anything. Though as Xigbar was close to  Xemnas', along with Siax, Axel didn't act on his dislike for fear of arousing suspicion from their leader.

Number III, Xaldin, was stoic, serious, and loyal to the Organization; in short Axel's polar opposite. The two rarely interacted beyond  what was necessary in missions and meetings, and other than finding him rather dull company, Axel had little personal opinion about him.

Number IV, Vexen, Axel regarded as something of an overbearing know-it-all. Axel showed no remorse about killing Vexen in cold blood- while the other begged for mercy, no less- to further his and Siax's plans and prevent him from telling Sora about Roxas. Even now, trying to turn over somewhat of a new leaf, his is one death Axel does not regret, considering it only fair after losing his heart at Vexen's hands years before.

Number V, Lexaus, was a man of few words, straight forward and hard hitting. Like Xaldin, Axel had little in common with him, and didn't interact much outside of work. Lexaus, for his part, found Axel an enigma, and was never able to discern his true intentions.

Number VI, Zexion, was loyal to the Organization, and, by the time of their mission to Castle Oblivion, was becoming increasingly suspicious of Axel and Siax. This sealed his fate, as Axel manipulated the Riku Replica into killing him to cover his tracks. Though Axel is no longer pleased with what he did to the Riku Replica, he has no real qualms about Zexion's death by proxy.

Number VII, Siax, was once Isa, Lea's best friend, and for most of their time in the Organization, they seemed to maintain at least some semblance of that relationship, with Axel specifically referring to Siax as his 'old friend'. It wasn't until Roxas and Xion came along that their relationship began to fall apart, as unbeknownst to Axel, his heart began to develop. Axel began to take issue with Siax's manipulation of his two friends, and especially his treatment of Xion, while Siax tried to keep their original plan on track. By that point, though, Axel no longer considered Siax his friend, having realized that he was no longer even recognizable as Isa and had abandoned their plan in an effort to aid Roxas and Xion, however hopeless he knew it to be deep down. Siax later became one of Axel's more persistent pursures during his time on the run from the Organization, quite willing to see that his former friend got the 'maximum punishment' for his actions against the Organization, if his words to Sora are to be believed, officially marking the friendship as over, barring developments in future games.

Number IX, Demyx, was a musician, and supposedly the Organization's main recon guy. He was also a slacker with all the work ethic of a bar of soap. Axel plainly considered him no threat and viewed him as something of a joke, mocking him behind his back while hanging out with Roxas and Xion.

Number X, Luxord, was a gambler who organized the Organization's poker league. Axel had a fairly neutral relationship with him, though after losing a large sum of munny to him in one particular game, Axel refused to play with him any more.

Number XI, Marluxia, along with Larxene, was plotting to overthrow Xemnas and take over the Organization. Which in Axel's book, was bad, since it got in the way of his and Siax's plans to to the same thing. Axel manipulated and murdered his way into Marluxia's good graces in order to find out his plans and stop him, though ultimately it was Sora who defeated Marluxia. Axel even tricked Marluxia into giving an order that he later turned into Marluxia's death sentence. Axel was clearly enjoying playing with Marluxia and Larxene, though it's unknown whether Axel could have actually defeated Marluxia in combat and made good his threat.

Number XII, Larxene, the Organization's only actual female member, was a a vicious, sadistic, bitch (Demyx even calls her as close to that as an E10+ game will allow in canon). She took obvious pleasure in causing Sora and others pain. Axel enjoyed some back and forth verbal sniping with her, but even he seemed to find her sadism a bit much at times, warning her not to 'break' Sora before what would become her final battle. Larxene then accused him of being soft, which Axel waved off.

Which brings us to Number XIII, Roxas, who is by far the most important person in Axel's life (that he can remember), currently. Roxas was and is Axel's best friend, and most of Axel's recent actions revolve around the theme of protecting Roxas, though what exactly that meant has changed over the course of his character development. What started as simply a way to gain Roxas' confidence in order to manipulate him grew into a real friendship after Axel's encounter with Sora at castle oblivion kick-started the development of his heart. Despite that, for much that time, it was an unhealthy, selfish thing, much more about him than Roxas; keeping Roxas 'safely' within the Organization and in turn with him. This had very little to do with what Roxas actually wanted, however, and along with all the secrets Axel had been keeping from him, wound up just driving Roxas away in the end.

After Roxas left the Organization, Axel was charged with bringing him back... or eliminating him. Axel took up the task reluctantly, but was confident he could bring Roxas back and return things to some semblance of normal. Axel eventually became almost obsessed with bringing Roxas back, even after Roxas had remerged with Sora, highlighting the unhealthy nature of Axel's friendship, and his lack of real understanding of what friendship meant after so long without a heart.

It took another game's worth of character development for Axel to really understand friendship, and to realize that it meant putting what was best for Roxas above his own desires to see his friend again. The realization came just in the nick of time, as it led him to come to Sora's aid in Betwixt and Between, and sacrifice himself to help Sora allow him to get to The World That Never Was where Kairi was being held prisoner. (It is from this point that Axel will be arriving in the game, much less dead than he expected to be.)

Number XIV, Xion, Axel's other best friend is... complicated. Due to the circumstances of Xion's creation, when she was defeated and her power absorbed by Roxas, she vanished entirely, even from memory. Axel thus doesn't know who Xion is, or remember that she even existed at all. In Kingdom Hearts fashion, these memories aren't erased, though, merely 'disconnected' and unable to be accessed. As his heart develops, he may start to notice phantom emotional sensations related to these memories, though of course, he won't know where they're coming from.

If Xion ever arrives in the game it could possibly trigger these dormant memories to surface (a very painful process, if the canon examples of it are to be believed) which could in turn lead to some very awkward and very interesting reactions from Axel as he tries to come to terms with having forgotten one of his two best friends.

Xion was an incomplete Replica of Sora, designed to duplicate Roxas' abilities, and in that respect she succeeded beyond all expectations. Because she was made almost entirely of memory, she looked different, based on how those around her perceived her. Siax, who saw her as nothing more than a puppet, saw nothing but a blank Replica. Xemnas, who knew of her true nature, sometimes saw her as Sora. Xigbar saw her as Ventus. And Axel came to see her the same way Roxas did; as a friend, in the form of a girl that looked like a black-haired Kairi.

It was, in part, Siax's treatment of Xion that eventually ended Axel's friendship with him. Axel refused to pit his two best friends against each other, and kept desperately trying to save them both, even when it became clear that, in their world, they couldn't coexist stably, Xion draining Roxas' strength as she siphoned off more of Sora's memories.  Axel had been aware of Xion's nature as a Replica for some time, but after some initial awkwardness of how to approach her when he first found out, he made it clear later that he viewed her as a friend rather than a puppet, and encouraged her to make her own decisions.

After she and Roxas both fled the Organization, however, Axel realized that he was in danger of losing both of his friends, and tracked down Xion at the Organization's behest, confronting her before she could remerge with Sora. The confrontation further illustrated the unhealthy and possessive nature of Axel's friendship at the time, though in anger, it led him to make a promise that would be repeated with more sincerity in future games; he would always be there to bring his friends back. The last Axel saw of Xion was after that fierce confrontation, exhaustedly carrying her unconscious form back to The Castle That Never Was, collapsing and passing out himself before he even made it up the stairs.

Expecting to be dead, Axel will be somewhat at a loss for where to go with his life from this point, after arriving in the game. Hopefully, this will be helped along by the continued development of his heart, though how and how quickly it develops will largely depend on his interactions with other characters, which should prove very interesting.

HISTORY: Everything you always wanted to know about Axel.


FIRST PERSON: Axel's arrival in Re/Aligned and his talk with Ventus

THIRD PERSON: Well... this was definitely one of the more interesting world's he'd been too, in both good ways and bad. The first and most obvious good thing about it was that, surprisingly, he wasn't dead. Then there was the weird little creature- apparently called a Digimon- that claimed that Axel was his partner. Axel wasn't entirely sure what to make of this 'Digimon' but it seemed friendly enough and watching it had some entertainment value.

The bad, however, was that he no longer had any of his powers, and thus was somewhat dependent on his partner to fight for him. True, he still had his chakrams, and he was just as skilled with them as ever, but all of their magical enhancements were gone. The Eternal Flames were now just a pair of ordinary- if still potentially lethal- weapons, rather than the extensions of his will that they once were. He couldn't summon or dismiss them any more either. He made a mental note to rig up some sort of a carrying harness; lugging them around in his hands all the time was a pain.

Axel sighed, looking out over Hospitown from the roof of the hospital and taking a bite of his ice cream. Another thing his place had going for it; it at least had sea-salt ice cream. Still, it was no Twilight Town. The hospital rooftop was no clock tower. And the odd little creature that sat next to him, also eating an ice cream, was no Roxas.

Not that he could have any of those things back again. So this would have to do. And even if it wasn't what he really wanted... it was alright. So he sat with his partner, eating ice cream and watching the sunset. There was work to do tomorrow, but for the time being... it was enough.
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