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♔ Player Information;
Name: Susan is fine, or Tanks (from another of my RP journals)
OOC Journal: Don't really have an OOC journal, currently, but I guess my main one would be [personal profile] tanks4thememory
Are you over 18?: For over a decade now, yes.
Preferred Contact Method(s): I'm tanks4thememory on plurk, or you can PM either Axel's journal or the one listed above. Plurk is probly easier though.
Other characters currently played at Tanelorn: N/A

♔ Character Information;
Name: Axel
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
OU, AU, OC?: Mostly canon, with a bit of extrapolation and headcanon for things that aren't specifically spelled out.
Canon point: Axel will be coming from the point of his "death" near the end of Kingdom Hearts II. It turns out later that he wasn't exactly dead, but that'll only come up if I decide to canon-update him.

Setting: Given that the Kingdom Hearts series has become rather famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) for its kudzu plot, which expands with each game, this is a rather tall order. Still I shall attempt to give you all the relevant bits.

The Kingdom Hearts Universe is separated into three realms: The Realm of Light, where most worlds you see in the games are located; The Realm of Darkness, which is the origin of the Heartless, and generally a pretty unpleasant and dangerous place for anyone from the Realm of Light; and the Realm Between, which as its name suggests, is a smaller realm between the two main ones.

There is also a fourth realm, the Realm of Nothingness, but it seems to be wholely outside the other three, and can only be accessed under special circumstances. Which is just as well, as the element of Nothingness which forms both this Realm and the Nobodies is inimical to both Light and Darkness. Nobodies, creatures/beings formed from Nothingness- and perhaps the Nothingness itself- are considered unnatural things that were never meant to exist.

A Nobody is what is sometimes left behind when the heart of a very strong-willed person is taken, either by the Heartless or other means. They consist of the body, which gives the Nobody form, and the soul, which gives the Nobody life. However, without a heart, they have no real emotions or identity of their own, and are considered to not truly exist for this reason. If that doesn't make much sense, don't worry; Nobodies have been described as living rifts in the way things ought to work and thus by definition their existence doesn't make sense at all, even to them. Only the very strongest Nobodies retain their human form and memories; the rest are empty husks, resembling animate suits of gray-white clothing.

It was revealed in Dream Drop Distance, however, that while Nobodies are indeed born without hearts, they can develop a new one. Axel doesn't know this, as Xemnas and Xigbar lied to the rest of the Organization members in order to manipulate them, but he has already begun to grow a replacement heart as a result of his interaction with Roxas, Xion (who he doesn't remember; it's complicated, see his history section or Xion's wiki page for more details), and Sora. His heart will continue to slowly develop throughout his time in the game as he interacts with people and the environment around him.

The Worlds of Kingdom Hearts, collectively called just 'the World', are normally separated from each other by nigh-impenetrable barriers. However the invasion of the Heartless weakened and broke down these barriers, allowing travel between the worlds. There are several methods of inter-world travel. Sora & co typically use a sort of space ship called a Gummiship to get from world to world. It's made of a substance called Gummi Blocks, which are actually the broken off pieces of the barriers between worlds, and may play a role in how it can travel between them with relative ease.

For those without access to a Gummiship, there are the Lanes Between. These are sort of natural pathways between worlds that can be accessed and traveled by those who wield Keyblades. There are also Corridors of Darkness on the bad guys side, which utilize the power of Darkness to get from one place or one world to another. However, these corridors, as well as Darkness in general, are dangerous to those who have hearts and/or who are not protected from the negative effects of Darkness by a Black Coat. There may also be other ways, either magical, technological, or both, of getting from world to world, but if there are, they remain as yet unknown.

Being that many of the Kingdom Hearts worlds are based on various Disney movies, their appearances and the types of characters who inhabit them vary greatly. Also, in order to access some worlds, magical transformations must be used in order to conform to that particular world's laws and environment. For example, in Atlantica, the underwater world of The Little Mermaid Sora & co took on mer-people forms (Sora becoming a half-dolphin merman, Donald a half-octopus mer-duck, and Goofy mostly a sea turtle), and in the Pride Lands, the kingdom of the animals, of The Lion King fame, they became various African wildlife. It's reasonable to assume that the Black Coats worn by the Organization (and thus by Axel) also have similar enchantments attached to them to facilitate missions to such unusual worlds, though whether or not that particular aspect will hold up in Tanelorn and the worlds it visits remains to be seen.

The Kingdom Hearts universe also has aspects of various Final Fantasy games. These include a number of characters, as well as the general magic and item systems. Also present is the race of cute, furry creatures called Moogles, who run a network of shops throughout the worlds and are adept at synthesizing items, seemingly capable of making anything from healing potions to weapons... with the right materials, of course.

...And I think that covers all the relevant bits, but further information can be found right here if needed.

History: Everything you always wanted to know about Axel.

Personality: Axel has a tendency to act laid-back and sarcastic, but in reality... well, he still laid-back and sarcastic. But he generally knows and understands a great deal more than he lets on. He'll act friendly enough with most people unless they actively antagonize him, but earning his actual friendship is somewhat more difficult. Those who do manage to earn his friendship, however, will have a staunch- if rather vicious- defender. Whether they like it or not. Meanwhile, those who wind up too much on his bad side... well, let's just say that Axel controlled the Assassin Nobodies for a reason.

Being a Nobody, Axel was born with no natural heart; no ability to actually feel emotions and form meaningful connections with people, and thus draws most of his emotions from memories of his time as a human. Though thanks to his connection to his friends, Roxas and Xion, and Roxas' Other, Sora, Axel has begun to develop a heart of his own, though he has yet to realize this, attributing the faint flickers of actual emotion to the presence of his friend Roxas, or simply his mind playing tricks on him.

Though he started out being as amoral and apathetic as most other Nobodies- he was downright sociopathic in his first appearance, in fact-, a whole lot of character development over the course of several games has brought brought him to the point of being something of an anti-hero by the point from which he'll be taken. While still a viscous fighter, there's a definite moral center there now. He likely won't feel compelled to help every person in need that he sees, but he is becoming a half-decent person again as his heart develops.

While he retains his skill at manipulating others when needed, he's less inclined to do this now. His friends, especially are exempt from this, and Axel has difficulty lying to them, often averting his eyes or trying to change the subject while doing so. He has also developed a severe dislike for being used as a tool, or seeing other people used as such, for reasons he can't entirely remember...

Abilities: Axel wields a pair of giant chakrams called the Eternal Flames, which he can summon or dismiss at will. He is highly skilled in their use, having been shown to be able to make them do a number of physics-defying tricks, implying that they're under the control of his will, as much as his hands. He also has control of an array of fire-based magic, including, but not limited to: immunity to damage by fire (in fact, certain types of fire magic actually heal him), setting objects (or people, as Vexen found out) on fire at a distance, generating and throwing fireballs or streams of fire of various sizes and intensities, causing localized magical explosions that can be altered to not damage allies (this seems to be very hazardous and/or draining to Axel, however, and is generally used only as a last-ditch effort as a result), wreathing his chakrams in flames and throwing them at opponents, and surrounding himself and/or any opponent/opponents with a large circle of fire.

Axel can also teleport through use of Corridors of Darkness, so long as he has a pretty good idea where he's going, and is capable of taking others with him, if he wishes. Under normal circumstances, he could also travel between worlds this way, but that particular ability will be nullified by Tanelorn, for obvious reasons. His Black Coat also offers protection from the negative effects of Darkness, and makes its wearer more difficult to track by magic. At the discretion of Tanelorn's mods, it can also allow him to change form to adapt to worlds with certain constraints (such as turning him into a merman on an all-water world, for example).

On the weaknesses side, Axel can't swim in his normal, humanoid form, and thus will tend to avoid getting too close to large bodies of water. Large quantities of water, ice, or extreme cold can also weaken his fire-based powers to a degree, and he is vulnerable to water-elemental magics.

Network sample: [Axel had taken time to both get dressed and read the pamphlet before trying to fiddle with the ring he'd been given, thus sparing the citizens of Tanelorn the sight of a tall, lanky redhead in nothing but his boxers. When he does appear on the network, however, he seems reasonably calm as he greets everyone.]

There, think that's got it... Hey there everyone. The name's Axel. Got it memorized?

Anyway, I've read the pamphlet; seems like an interesting world you've got here. But since I'd rather not waste my time wandering around and possibly getting myself lost, I've got two questions. One, where's this temporary housing for new arrivals that the pamphlet mentions, so I can get myself set up with some? And two, can anybody point me to the headquarters of the Wayfarer's Guild? That place sound like it's right up my alley.

Log sample: Axel opened his eyes and found himself staring up at a rather unremarkable but unfamiliar stone ceiling. He wasn't certain what he found more unusual about this: that he wasn't looking up into Sora's sad, little, spikey-haired face sillouetted against the swirling colors that formed the scenery of Betwixt and Between, or that he was still around to look at anything at all. He'd already been fading after that last attack, and he'd used the last bit of his energy to generate a portal to the World That Never Was so Sora could go rescue Kairi. He ought to have faded back into the Nothingness from whence he came by now.

But he apparently hadn't. Instead, he was here. Wherever 'here' was. And... his clothes were missing?! What the hell? Though a rather plain blanket was covering his body, he was actually wearing nothing but his black boxers with the flame patterns on the cuffs. And an odd ring that he'd never seen before, for some reason.

Luckily, simply sitting up and looking around solved that problem. His clothes were folded nearby, and his boots sat at the foot of the cot he was lying on. On top of his clothes there was a folded paper pamphlet, which he set aside for the moment in favor of getting dressed. Oddly, he noticed while doing so that the ring somehow reappeared on the outside of his glove, even after he knew he'd pulled the glove on over it.

Once fully clothed, he unfolded the pamphlet and sat down to read it. It not only explained somewhat about the ring, it also informed him of what world he was in, and a little about it and its inhabitants. "Tanelorn, huh?", he said to no one in particular. "Well... this should be interesting."
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