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Hey Roxas,

Things aren't looking so great right about now. There's a disease going around that nobody can seem to cure. Nothing even slows it down. People have already died. People native to this place, that is, not us "Outworlders"; in other words, people that won't just pop back in a week.

Yeah. As you might've guessed, certain parties are blaming us for it. Even though a bunch of us are sick too and a bunch more have been working their butts off trying to find a cure. 

That prick Emer decided to call for us to be banned from the hospitals, so a guy named Peter is setting up his own clinic. I might go help him out at some point, see if he needs any non-medical stuff done.

This... it's not a normal disease. Nothing affects it. Not magic, not the Force, nothing. I don't know, man...

Nobody in my apartment is sick yet. Yet, being the opperative word. I might be immune, being a Nobody. And... I dunno, can computer programs catch regular diseases? Anyway, if anybody here gets it, I'm betting on Tron's friend, Kevin Flynn.

He's... probly not gonna take that well, if it happens. Tron, I mean. The guy's really protective of his friend; guess it has to do with being a security program, or something.

There've been some newcomers since last time, but it's not quite as fun to snark at them anymore, now that I have to give them all bad news. One silver lining though; at least this plague is enough to keep me busy and thinking about other things besides, my own emptiness. Hooray, huh?

Anyway, not much else to say for now. Hopefully'll have better news next time.

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